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Valley news and press release Archive

Press Releases

News from Valmont® Irrigation

Valley ICONX Makes Center Pivot Conversion Less Complicated and More Affordable


Valmont® Irrigation, The Leader in Precision Irrigation®, recently introduced Valley® ICONX as part of the Valley ICON® series of smart control panels to combat the challenge of multiple control technologies on today’s farms.

Farming operations continue to expand, adding new or rented farmland that often come with a mixture of center pivot machines. Though gaining land with existing center pivot machines may seem like a way to save money, managing various software and mobile applications can become time consuming and challenging for modern farmers – until now.

Valley ICONX easily brings any control panel – from all major pivot brands – into the AgSense® or BaseStation3™ network. By using the control panel's circuits, the ICONX takes control of the existing center pivot panel to connect any brand of center pivot into one network.

“These days, one operation may have four, five or even six different types of control panels,” explains John Campbell, Valmont Irrigation manager of technology advancement and adoption.

“Previously, the only reasonable way to get all those technologies on one platform was to replace every panel – including the enclosure – and add GPS position,” he states. “The Valley ICONX is the first smart panel that gives growers a more affordable way to bring all control into one network.”

Because Valley ICONX is equipped with GPS Position and AgSense ICON Link, it can be easily integrated into the AgSense or BaseStation3 network, which allow growers to control and manage all their center pivots on one platform. For growers who prefer to control their machine from the pivot point, a full-color, touchscreen display comes standard with the panel. The Valley ICONX solution allows for the ability to upgrade without fully replacing your current control panel, making it an affordable solution.

“Integrating all control panels into one platform simplifies operations for growers,” explains Campbell. “That’s the idea behind the Valley ICONX – to save irrigators time, resources and money…not to mention eliminating the headaches caused by using various networks and platforms.”