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Valley news and press release Archive

Press Releases

News from Valmont® Irrigation

AgSense® App Adds Field Weather and Map View

AgSense®, the worldwide leader in precision irrigation, has upgraded its app, “AgSense Mobile,” adding in functionality for “Map View” on smartphones, and making use of its products’ GPS capabilities to deliver location-based weather on all of its dashboard platforms.

This significant feature update is provided to users free of charge and comes on the heels of the new mobile app’s initial release in January. The new features include:

  • Hourly weather updates and local forecasts
  • “Map View” functionality on Apple and Android phones
  • Added start options for certain Field Commander models
  • Faster data downloading times

One of the biggest highlights of the app update is the ability for users to view field-specific weather through both the website and mobile app, according to AgSense President David McGirr.

“This first-in-the-industry feature provides current, localized conditions, including forecasted precipitation, temperature, wind speed and wind direction,” he said. “The weather integration is one additional tool to help growers make well-informed crop protection applications and irrigation decisions.”

He added that growers are now able to take a deeper dive into weather monitoring through one-click detailed hourly and seven-day forecasts per each field. And with the new mobile “Map View,” there’s another convenient way for growers to view key information about their AgSense-enabled devices.

“It’s a great tool for viewing unit status, as well as visualizing the GPS location of pivots, pumps, soil-moisture monitors and grain-bin monitors,” AgSense mobile app architect Jon Hofer said. “Previously available only on tablets and desktop interfaces, the addition of Map View to smartphones now allows units to be easily viewed by a choice of device groups or by viewing all remote-managed equipment at once.”

Download the free update at:

Apple App Store -
Google Play -