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Valley news and press release Archive

Press Releases

News from Valmont® Irrigation

VFlex Corner from Valmont Irrigation Now Available

VFlex CornerValmont® Irrigation, the manufacturer of the Valley® brand of irrigation equipment, is announcing that its VFlex™ Corner is now available.

The Valley VFlex Corner offers simple and reliable start-stop controls, but is engineered with the most modern structural components. It is the most versatile corner in the industry and can be custom-designed to fit a field’s requirements. Customizable options include:

  • Fixed or swiveling water inlets
  • Single or dual steering gearboxes
  • Wire or GPS Guidance
  • Trailing or Leading (Inverted) Orientation
  • Mechanical or Electronic Sequencing

One of the most significant features of the VFlex is the option to add electronic sequencing, according to Equipment Product Manager John Kastl. It gives growers more flexibility and control over their sprinklers, while providing more precise water application and better uniformity. Electronic sequencing continually measures the corner angle and the rate of change of the angle to dynamically calculate the correct sprinkler sequencing for specific field needs.

“Not only will it provide the best water uniformity in the industry, but electronic sequencing allows growers to further customize water application to field shape, field conditions, and farming practices,” Kastl said.

The flexibility of the VFlex Corner gives growers another way to extend the irrigated hectares on existing land. Irrigating more hectares means greater yields and increases profit.

“The Valley VFlex Corner is a great option for growers looking for simple controls, flexibility, and customizable options,” Kastl said. “This all combines to provide an excellent, customizable corner.”