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Archivio novità e comunicati stampa Valley

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Novità da Valmont® Irrigation

Valley Irrigation Announces Bender160


Valley Irrigation, the leader in precision irrigation, continues to offer growers more options that will help them be more profitable with the land they already have. Valley recently released the Bender160TM product for center pivots to the international marketplace.

For an economical cost, the Bender160 can increase the number of irrigated hectares in a field. With the Bender160, a grower can easily avoid a tree, building, or other obstacle in the field, allowing for maximum irrigated land.

The Valley Bender160 easily retrofits to existing center pivots, though minor structural changes to the center pivot are required. More than one Bender160 unit, as well as in combination with the Bender30, can be installed in multiple locations on the same center pivot.

“The Bender160 is designed to provide growers flexibility to maximize their irrigated hectares in oddly shaped fields with obstacles,” explained Wade Sikkink, Equipment Product Manager. “The innovative design of the Bender160 allows for continual monitoring of the machine angle while bending, which enables growers to control auxiliary functions and end guns. This exclusive feature from Valley Irrigation gives growers more options to make sure they are getting the most out of their land and investment in center pivot irrigation.”

“This product is yet another example of the choices Valley Irrigation offers to growers,” said Scott Mauseth, International Product Manager. “The Bender160 will allow growers in the international markets to irrigate areas that were not always reachable with a standard center pivot.”

With the focus on precision irrigation, Valley Irrigation continues to outperform the competition by offering an exclusive speed-up timer function, which comes standard with both the Bender30 and Bender160. This feature improves a center pivot’s water application while bending.