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Valley news and press release Archive

Press Releases

News from Valmont® Irrigation

Valmont Irrigation and AgSense Launch New Remote Monitoring and Control Solution

Valmont® Irrigation, the manufacturer of the Valley® brand of irrigation equipment, and AgSense® announce the release of the CommanderVP™, a new remote monitoring and control solution for Valley control panels. This is the first AgSense telemetry product to completely integrate into Valley digital control panels.

Adding CommanderVP to the Valley Pro2 and Select2 panels extends existing Valley digital technology to the grower’s computer, smartphone or tablet.  

“This type of joint endeavor was exactly what we had envisioned and was one of the main drivers for acquiring AgSense last year,” said John Campbell, advanced technology product manager for Valmont Irrigation. “In the near future, growers can look forward to many new and exciting products as a result of these two industry leaders working together.”   

The CommanderVP replaces the now discontinued Tracker SP. It includes many product enhancements, such as remote end gun control and programming, optional wire theft monitoring, comprehensive historical reporting, and communication via the private WagNet® wireless network for quicker command response times.  

Growers will be able to view pivots equipped with this CommanderVP on the same WagNet web or app login as their other AgSense devices, including other pivots, soil moisture probes, flow meters, weather stations and grain bins.

Like the other AgSense products, CommanderVP also includes easily replaceable modems for areas that vary greatly from one carrier to another. 

“This CommanderVP incorporates tools our customer base has been asking for, both before and since the merger with Valmont Irrigation last summer,” said Terry Schiltz, AgSense chief executive officer. “AgSense continues to lead the market in its commitment to delivering leading edge technology at an affordable price for all brands of irrigation equipment.” 

The CommanderVP can be ordered exclusively through Valley dealers.

About AgSense
AgSense, a pioneer in remote management solutions for agricultural irrigation, is majority‐owned by Valley Irrigation, a division of Valmont Industries, Inc. As operations continue to expand in size, and labor resources become scarcer, the need for efficient management has never been greater. AgSense products enable farmers and agri‐businesses to remotely manage different tasks within their operations. For more information, visit