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Valley sprinkler options

Valley® Sprinkler Options

Durable Options for Sprinkler Placement


The Valley® Low Energy Nozzle (LEN) fixed spray with its drop-in, color-coded nozzle, and Valley All-Range pressure regulator are economical and efficient options for your sprinkler package needs. The desired placement of your sprinklers can be achieved by various Valley applications, which may include drops (flexible hose, semi-rigid, and fixed), boom backs, and other alternatives. These are available in many styles to fit your needs.

Valmont® Irrigation is offering a new sprinkler application option for those of you who rotate crops of varying heights. AquaDock™ drop hose docking stations give you two ground clearances in one drop hose assembly. You can easily change the drop hose height – from the ground – by using a lift pole to place the sprinkler head into the docking station. Matching your drop height to your crop clearance maintains uniformity and improves water application efficiency – elements essential to your yield and profit. Learn more below, under Other Solutions, and watch this video to see how AquaDock works.

Flexible Hose

  • Can be dragged through crop canopy
  • Available in 3/4 inch hose
  • Choices include Valley Black, Valley Blue Premium with extended warranty against UV, and Senninger drop hose

Rigid Galvanized

  • Available for truss rod height application
  • Utilizes 3/4 inch, schedule 40 galvanized steel

Semi-Rigid Polyethylene

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Minimal flexibility
  • Multiple lengths down to ground clearance of 1,6 meters

Semi-rigid PVC

  • Non-corrosive
  • Multiple lengths down to ground clearance of 1,6 meters
  • Utilizes 3/4 inch, schedule 80 sunlight-resistant material

Valley All-Range Pressure Regulator

  • Use one model for the entire sprinkler package
  • Six models available, 6-30 PSI (.4-2 bar)
  • Precise water application in hilly terrain

Valley Low-Energy Nozzle (LEN)

  • Large variety of available pads
  • Unique shape for movement through the crop
  • 6-40 PSI (.4-2.7 bar)
  • Chemigation and part-circle pads
  • Low-pressure operation
  • Single, double, or triple deflector pads divide the nozzle flow into larger number of streams spreading the water out over a larger area

End Guns

  • Valley offers a full range of end gun selections to maximize your irrigated acres
  • Booster pumps can be paired with the end gun when more pressure is needed

AquaDock™ Drop Hose Docking StationsWATCH VIDEO >>

  • Two ground clearances in one drop assembly
  • Ideal for rotating crops of different heights
  • Drop hose clearance is changed easily from the ground
  • A lift pole is used to place sprinkler heads in docking stations 
  • Maintains uniformity, which maintains yields and profits
  • Improves efficiency of water application
  • Mounting options: attach directly to the U-pipe or clamp around the span
  • Span clamp also helps prevent span cable theft
  • Available for new machines and to retrofit your current pivot
  • Available exclusively from Valley dealers

U-Pipes, Drop Weights, and Fittings

Additional options to complete any drop-sprinkler application.

Goosenecks and Truss Rod Hose Slings

  • Using the span structure to increase the wetted area, while using the same amount of water, lowers application intensity
  • Non-corrosive, UV-resistant thermoplastic construction for longer life 

Control Valve

Valley offers a wide range of end gun valve selections that can be used with or without booster pumps.

Boom Backs

  • Discharge water behind drive unit rather than over the wheel
  • Utilized with directional spray units to help keep wheel tracks dry

Remote Drains

  • Minimize wheel tracks in field
  • Move drain water away from wheel tracks
  • Run drain water through sprinkler drop hose