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Valley PolySpan pipe

Valley® PolySpan®

Pipeline Solution to Increase the Life of Your Machine


In certain areas, some producers are using less desirable water sources, such as waste water, process water, and even corrosive water. Other producers are adding crop protection chemicals or soil amendment products to their irrigation water. Under these conditions, corrosion of standard galvanized pipe may occur. Valley® PolySpan® protects your pipe from any corrosive components in your water, ensuring a long life for your machine.

PolySpan is a polyethylene liner that is installed inside your span pipe, and it protects your pipe against the effects of acidic, alkaline, corrosive, and saline water.

Polyethylene liner Prevents damage caused by acidic, corrosive, or saline water
Robust design Designed for agricultural, industrial, and municipal water applications
Profit and productivity Lets you take advantage of corrosive water, and allows chemigation and fertigation with aggressive chemicals
Sprinkler outlets Full size ¾ inch dual-gasket, self-locking couplings for minimal pressure loss and no leaks
Versatility Available for:
   • Valley center pivots   
   • Valley linears   
   • Valley Precision Corner®   
   • Bender30™
Reliable Field-proven since 1992
Durable Increases the life of your center pivot pipe by protecting it from corrosion
Precise Both 1,5 meter and 2,7 meter outlet spacing available for a variety of crop row spacing and sprinkler packages
Easy-to-use Available for:
   • Valley center pivots   
   • Valley linears   
   • Valley Precision Corner® with a Bender30™
Responsive Valley dealers — fast, dependable service

Your Local Valley Dealer

Only your local Valley dealer can give you the best advice on whether PolySpan is the right solution for you. Find your dealer today!