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Valley floatation - traction solutions

Valley® Floatation & Traction

Solutions that Keep Your Machine Standing Tall


Coaches rely on their equipment manager to outfit the team with an athletic shoe designed to increase traction and secure footing for a specific field surface or condition. The same may be said of your Valley® dealer. After analyzing your field, your Valley dealer will recommend the floatation or traction option most effective in conquering the primary threat of the opposing field – ruts.

Ruts form as pivots travel down the identical track numerous times. Soil type, terrain, and irrigation practices are the most common factors affecting the severity of rut formation in any given field.

Extensive research and in-field trials led by the world-class team of engineers from Valmont® Irrigation were the inspiration behind the design of several drive unit floatation and traction options – each customized to maximize performance and minimize downtime.

Your Local Valley Dealer

Only your local Valley dealer can give you the best advice on which floatation or traction option is right for you. Find your dealer today!