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Valley® VFlex Corner™

The Most Flexible Corner in the Industry


You want the most out of your hectares, including the corners, and you want a solution that is durable and reliable, stable on rough terrain and in bad weather, and easy to maintain. The new Valley® VFlex Corner™ provides that solution.

The new Valley VFlex Corner will replace the legacy Valley Corner, which has been in production since 1974. So why change after 39 years? Using feedback from dealers and growers like you, Valley engineers created a new, durable corner that uses the most modern structural components. The VFlex Corner maintains the same simple and reliable start-stop controls of the Valley Corner that you have come to trust over the years. It also has an improved track-and-roller cradle that can be easily serviced with standard hand tools and features a completely redesigned steerable drive unit structure for industry-leading strength and durability.

It is ideal for the grower who may not need the high-tech, standardized solutions found in the Valley Precision Corner®. It is also an affordable corner option that increases yields on land you already own.

The VFlex is specifically designed for growers who want options. The VFlex Corner offers more features and more options than any other corner on the market today, including three span lengths, two types of sprinkler sequencing, two types of guidance systems, multiple tire choices, multiple steering options, two water inlet options, and trailing or leading orientation. It can be customized to meet the requirements of your field, your operation, and your method of farming.  

It is what you have come to expect from Valmont® Irrigation!  That Valley sign in your field, that is proof that you know what you are doing.

NEW! Trimble® Irrigate-IQ™ Uniform Corner

When you have a corner arm on your pivot irrigation system, you are able to extend your irrigable land and maximize your yield. But when your corner arm doesn’t apply a uniform application, you end up with areas that are either over- or under-watered—resulting in an undesirable use of water and potential damage to your crop.

Trimble Irrigate-IQ uniform corner ensures you achieve a consistent application on areas covered by the corner arm, so you can be sure your water resources are being used in the best way possible to improve crop quality and yields.

Meet IQ

Corner length options 56 meters with 25 meter overhang
62 meters with 25 meter overhang
62 meters with 30 meter overhang
Tire size options
11-22.5 Recap
Span connection Track-and-roller joint
Crop clearance profile options Standard
Guidance options Below-ground cable, GPS Guidance
Sequencing options
Mechanical, electronic 
Corner Steering Gearbox Single standard
Single heavy-duty
Dual standard 
Dual heavy-duty
  • Model 8120 span — durable structure with less weight on the drive unit for reduced steering loads
  • Available on Valley Model 8120 center pivots, and other brand machines
  • Wide "T-Bar" style cradle mounting for improved stability on rough ground and in high winds
  • Can be easily serviced with standard hand tools
  • Improved, larger rollers that can be lubricated from above with a standard grease gun
  • Hardened steel wear plates under the rollers protect the cradle from damage
  • New run-cycle box design features ball bearings and molded cam for improved durability
  • Trailing or leading orientation
  • Simple, field-proven micro-switches and relays control standard motors to move the corner through the field
Reliable Field-proven — extensively tested at the Valley factory and in grower fields
Durable Valley structure — new steerable drive unit structure, new run-cycle box, and improved track-and-roller joint
Precise Sprinkler sequencing —  excellent water uniformity for better crop yields
Easy-to-use New track-and-roller cradle can be maintained with a grease gun and hand tools
Responsive Valley dealers — fast, dependable service