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Valley towable center pivots

Towable Center Pivots

Economical Options for Irrigating Multiple Fields

Towable center pivots from Valmont® Irrigation allow you to irrigate two or more fields while reducing your installation cost per hectare. You can maximize your investment by easily towing a machine between fields, irrigating 2 to 121.5 hectares. And moving each machine takes less than an hour.

Out towable pivots set the industry standard by using the Valley® Model 8120 structure and computerized controls — all refined and field-proven to give you the most economical way to begin using precision irrigation. Select any of our pivot panel options, and choose from an on-board engine generator or public power supply to power your machine.

  • Allows for up to 5 spans
  • Maximum machine length – 335 meters
  • Excellent for multi-directional towing or part-circle applications
  • Comes standard with tongue hitch design
  • Easy to use
  • Available in two pipe diameter options: 219 mm and 254 mm (6 5/8” and 8 5/8”)
  • Maximum machine length – 457 meters
  • Can be anchored on concrete pad or utilize earth anchors
  • Tongue hitch for quick, secure hook-up without cables
  • Fixed wheel or pivot position easily rotates to tow in any direction
  • Low cost option best used for infrequent towing
  • Can handle even the longest towable units
  • Perfect for supplemental irrigation
  • Not available for 219 mm pivot point
  • 5" diameter pipeline
  • 3-point hitch hook-up tow option
  • Span lengths: 33,4 - 60,6 meters
  • Low cost option for frequent towing
  • Intended for less stressful terrain and soils
Reliable Made in the USA Valley gearbox
Durable Valley structure — engineered for long life
Precise Sprinkler package — low energy and high uniformity
Easy-to-use Valley control technology
Responsive Valley dealers — fast, dependable service