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Valley Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) Speed Control

Valley® VRI Speed Control

Control Your Irrigation Application


Valley® VRI Speed Control is a great solution for all growers, including you! This VRI option is ideal for those of you who want to minimize your investment, but still want to benefit from applying water more efficiently. Like some computerized control panels you are already using, or have used in the past, you program your VRI Speed Control Prescription to irrigate your fields in sectors, which look like slices of pie. Do not wait another growing season to start controlling your irrigation application, ask your Valley dealer today about how you can get started with VRI Speed Control this year.

  • Based on an uploaded VRI Prescription, speeds up/slows down the pivot to achieve the desired application depth along a sector
  • Standard with any Valley ICON™ smart panel. Available with any Pro2 or Select2 control panel with required software upgrade
  • Uses existing sprinkler package
  1. Upload your VRI Speed Control Prescription to your control panel. Up to five Prescriptions can be uploaded and stored at a time.
  2. In your control panel, turn on VRI Speed Control and select a Prescription.
  3. When your center pivot is running with water, the application depth is adjusted by increasing or decreasing speed of the center pivot, which has been programmed in the Prescription.
Reliable Multiple ways to upload VRI Speed Control Prescriptions — compatible remote communication device, ICON smart panels, or Pro2 or Select2 control panels
Durable Valley designed — engineered for long life
Precise Applies irrigation by sector in a field
Easy-to-use Can turn on VRI Speed Control right from your ICON smart panel, or Pro2 or Select2 control panel
Responsive Valley dealers — fast, dependable service