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Valmont Irrigation Australia/New Zealand | GPS Guidance Article

GPS Guidance

A Quick and Convenient Way to Irrigate

by Water Dynamics

Water Dynamics specializes all fields of pumping and irrigation with equipment suitable for domestic, commercial, industrial, and agricultural operations.

The business has 18 stores throughout Australia, including Toomwoomba, Dalby, Goondiwindi, and Tamworth. Causing excitement at the moment is the new Valley GPS Guidance System.

Russell Anderton from the Toombawoomba branch explained the advantage over traditional guidance systems is that the GPS looks at the path it is traveling and will correct before going offline.

"A traditional system only corrects once the machine has moved offline," he said. "The GPS input can also be used for position-based application or control changes. Examples are varying the application depth at certain points in the field and turning on or off injection pumps, booster pumps, or sprinklers. The system allows the installation of Valley Corner and Valley Linear equipment into applications, allowing the farmer to maximise the acreage under irrigation."

Ed Windley of Kalbar has recently installed a Valley GPS system and couldn't be happier.

"I have found it to be absolutely fantastic," he said. "Its accuracy saves both time and water. A ten-hour shift now takes ten hours, not eleven hours, or more like my old system did. It is so convenient to operate and there haven't been any bugs at all, so far."

The Water Dynamics stores offer full design services, as well as sales and installation.

"Our staff will listen to your specific requirements and work with you to determine the equipment needed," said Russell Anderton. "Professional data, such as plant variety, topography, and soil testing is obtained to establish the right solution for your needs."

For more information on Water Dynamics, please visit their website at